pasted-graphic.jpgMoses was called to the summit of Mount Sinai where not only God gave him the Ten Commandments, but also the law and the details of how to build the Ark of the Covenant and the tabernacle in which it would reside. It is this last part that drew my attention this morning.

In Exodus 25-31, the Lord lays out in exquisite detail how the Ark should be built, the tabernacle, the garments for Aaron and his two sons in which to carry out their priestly duties, and exactly how sacrifices were to be made. From the wood used for the Ark and the Tabernacle to the type and color of fabric used for the curtains, he dictated the precise size of them—in cubits. He proscribed every detail of the priestly garments down to the hems. No detail was too small. He even proscribed the type of metal for the tent pegs (bronze).

If we take this account and combine it with our observations of the Lord’s creation, we will quickly see that our God is a god of detail. Look at all of the creatures who occupy our backyards, such as birds and insects. Look at the trees and plant life. If you live near a body of water, take a peek at what lives under the surface. And if you have a microscope, look at how meticulous are the things unseen to the naked eye. And then look at your own body. Look at the skin that covers your skeleton. Look at your fingers and the finger prints that are unique to you and you alone in the world. Look at the network of muscles and nerves that make your body parts function in harmony with one another. I could go on and on. Random processes could not produce such wonders.

Over my Christian life, I often became bored with reading this portion of Exodus; in fact, I often skipped it because I thought it was irrelevant to me. Yet, as I have matured, I have come to appreciate some of the more “boring” parts of the Scriptures that go into great detail. Not that I have become excited about the size of some building or the color of a fabric. I haven’t. However, I have come to appreciate the detail in which God proscribed things to be made. I see this reflecting the interest he takes in everything he creates—including me.

How many of us want to look different or have a different personality? How often do we long to have the gifts or skills of someone else? Do we sometimes wish we had a different life? If so, this knowledge of God as very detailed can reassure us that we are not some mistake in his created order. We are as he created us to be, or at least we have the potential to be the person he created us to be. We may make mistakes and wrong choices that temporarily get us off track, but the only wish (prayer) we need to make is to fulfill who the Lord made us to be.

As Paul writes to the Corinthians in his first letter (Chapter 12), we are members of one body, each with a particular role and function in the Kingdom of God. If we are a “foot,” then we should embrace our role and not long to be an “eye.” Indeed, if you are a “foot,” it is because that is exactly what God wants you to be, and he created you to be the best “foot” you can be.

We live in a world that values certain things in people, such as extroversion and Type A personalities. It values success, fame, good looks, and wealth. The temptation always is to seek out those things for ourselves that people value. But the reality we must recognize about God is he values everything he creates, even the slug or buzzard, because he is in everything that he designs and produces, evidenced by the intricacies of each creation. It matters not what others think. Regardless of the perceived value of your life by you or others, the fact that you exist is evidence of your worth and the amazing detail which went into your creation.

Let this be your motivation each and every day, regardless of how you may feel at any given moment. You are a creation of God Almighty. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

© Jim Musser 2019

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  1. Marianna Musser July 23, 2019 — 3:39 pm

    💖💖💖 great devotion/post

    On Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 11:48 AM Jim Musser, Pastor, Writer, Speaker, Consultant wrote:

    > mostestrev posted: “Moses was called to the summit of Mount Sinai where > not only God gave him the Ten Commandments, but also the law and the > details of how to build the Ark of the Covenant and the tabernacle in which > it would reside. It is this last part that drew my attenti” >


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