Micro and Macro

Earlier this week, I wrote about the amazing detail with which God creates everything—from the smallest thing to the largest, from the microscopic to the macroscopic. It is all so f75baa2caf9c987463aca60e844e0f80.jpgamazing if we take the time to examine it. Think about the first time you looked through a microscope or a telescope. Think
about the first time you got down on your knees in the dirt to examine the details of a small plant or an ant colony at work. Or the first time you ever were in a very dark place at night and gazed at the stars. Whether observing the micro or the macro of the Lord’s creation, the sheer breadth of his creativity is, in the truest sense of the word, awesome.

Each of us is a part of this creation, and we are equally awesomely made, as David observed. Yet, the further we move back from the micro view to the macro, it is quickly evident how small we are in the grand scheme of things. Zoom out a few thousand feet and humans cannot even be seen upon the earth. We are that small! Consider theearthrise-12-24-1968-Apollo-e1482400729793.jpg population of the earth, nearly seven billion, that lives on this planet. Each individual, regardless of where they live or from what culture they come, are fearfully and wonderfully made. And loved by God.

It is the human tendency, and a part of the devil’s cunning strategy, to either think too highly of ourselves or too little. We are prone to think all of life revolves around us, our plans, and our problems, or we think we are of negligible worth and no one really cares or notices. Both are gross errors in thinking and play into our enemy’s sinister plans for us. By living very self-absorbed lives, we put ourselves in danger of these two extremes. Both find their root in our pride and ego. We want desperately to be valued, so we can either pursue it aggressively by making life about us, or passively by withdrawing into depression because we believe people don’t truly value us or care. Either way, it is selfish thinking that motivates us.

The solution is found in focusing on the entire creation of God—the micro and the macro. In it we find that we are truly special. There has never been one like us in the history of the world. The Lord created us uniquely, literally. Yet, if we step back a bit into the macro view, we are just one of billions, who also have unique qualities about them. We are not any more or less special than each of them. We are also tiny compared to the whole world and even more to the whole universe. In so many ways, the Lord’s creation eclipses us and we are comparatively nothing. Yet, we are of priceless value to the Heavenly Father who sent his only Son as a sacrifice for us that we might forever live in his presence. We are everything in terms of our individual uniqueness and the price paid for our reconciliation and salvation; we are nothing compared to the whole of his creation.

I am sitting in Starbucks as I write this. There are people standing in line and people sitting working or talking and enjoying their coffee drinks. I am one of them and we each are engaged in our days. Yet each one of us is unique, our bodies, our personalities, our life stories. And I as I gaze out the windows seeing tree-covered mountains, billowing clouds, birds in flight, and a distant moon, I realize I am at once unique and special, but yet very small and insignificant in the grand scheme of all of God’s creation.

Micro and macro, viewpoints of this life that are necessary to gain the perspective of our lives that the Lord desires us to have and will give us peace and contentment.

© Jim Musser 2019

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2 thoughts on “Micro and Macro

  1. Jim, one thing I’ve been struck by in the last few months is how this idea applies to the individual cells in our bodies. There’s DNA in (almost) all of our cells. DNA functions like a computer program, and the way DNA is stored in nucleotide bases is functionally the same as letters in an alphabet or the ones and zeros in computer code. That is, DNA is a language of God, written by God.

    Literally, then, the very language of God is inscribed on every part of us at the smallest, most comprehensive level. It makes us who we are. And it comes from the same God who spoke a billion trillions of stars into existence.



    1. That is a great observation, Joe! Our God is so amazing and wonderful!


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