Applying Faith to Life

App State 1.jpgWelcome to my website! I have been in vocational ministry as a campus pastor since 1983. During that time I have worked with thousands of college students on two different campuses, most of whom have been raised in the church. What I have discovered “downstream” is that few incoming freshmen know how to apply their faith to life, even though they have spent much of their lives involved in the programs of the church. And it is widely acknowledged that 60-75 percent of Christian high school graduates abandon their faith either temporarily or permanently after graduation. That, my friends, is a fact that should get our attention!

My desire is to use my years of experience working on campus to help local churches and parents discover how to change this outcome, to help produce young adults who are solid in their faith and committed to following Jesus over their lifetimes. I call this process “getting upstream.” In order to solve this crisis, we need to look at how children are currently being raised up in the faith. What is going on that is producing such dismal results? How can we do it differently in order to achieve much better outcomes?

I think the Scriptures have the answer if we are willing to look at them with fresh eyes. So this site is dedicated to that goal, as well as to let the Scriptures speak to us so we can have an informed faith which then we can apply to our lives.

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