Jim Presents “Views from Downstream: Preparing Students for the Spiritual Challenges of College Life.”

Update on Jim’s Book!

Jim’s manuscript is now in the hands of a professional editor. He is aiming for an early Fall 2021 publication date. When published, it will be available on Amazon. The link will be placed on this page when the book is in print. This will be a great resource for parents and church leaders to begin changing how children and young people are raised so they leave high school as true followers of Jesus and ready to be his ambassadors to the world.

Jim Presents at the D-6 Conference

Jim presented his workshop entitled, “Views from Downstream: Preparing Young People for the Spiritual Challenges of College Life.” This would be a great presentation for parents’ groups and youth pastors. You can contact Jim via the Contact page or at

Jim to Speak at the D-6 Conference

Jim will be leading a breakout session at the D-6 Conference in Orlando, FL, April 7-9, 2021. He will speak on “Views from Downstream: How To Better Prepare Young People for the Spiritual Challenges of College Life.”  He will also be participating in 1-1 coaching sessions on the topic of his breakout session, along with holding onto faith in the midst of loss, and rethinking the church. In addition, he will be featured on one of the D-6 Conference podcasts.

Book Manuscript Is Finished!

For the past three years, Jim has been working on a book focusing on how to prepare young adults to be effective ambassadors for Christ after they graduate from high school. The title is, “Letters from Downstream,” and addresses the local church, pastors, and parents on what needs to happen for young people to be trained well in following Jesus as they emerge from adolescence into adulthood.

Jim is now in the process of looking for a publisher. Please pray for an open door that this book may become a reality.

Update: Jim has sent his book proposal to several prospective agencies and publishers, and is awaiting a response.

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